Flavored Latte Espresso with steamed milk and Italian syrup Flavored Mocha Espresso with chocolate milk and Italian syrup Latte Espresso with steamed milk and creamy foam Mocha Espresso with rich chocolate milk Milkee Way Caramel mocha - our most popular drink! Breve Latte made with half & half Borgia / Double Mocha Mocha with an extra shot of espresso and topped with whip cream Almondia Almond Latte Mondo Coffee of the day with a shot of espresso Americano Espresso over hot water


Toffee Mudslide Mocha A rich creamy Vanilla, English Toffee and Kahlua Mocha topped with Heath bar bits Salty Caramel Mocha Espresso with steamed milk, sea salt chocolate, caramel syrup, a hint of hazelnut, and topped with whip cream & caramel drizzle Carme-llow Mocha Rich and creamy mocha with a blend of toasted marshmallow and caramel syrup, topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle Hot Vanilla White Mocha Espresso, steamed creamy white chocolate milk, a light blend of cinnamon and vanilla syrup, and topped with whip cream and red hots Winter Storm Latte Espresso with steamed white chocolate milk, a syrup blend of cinnamon & vanilla, whip cream and a dusting of cinnamon Winter Mint Mocha Espresso with steamed chocolate milk, mint syrup, whip cream and andes mints Roasted Reindeer Mocha Espresso, steamed chocolate milk, butter pecan, hazelnut and caramel syrup, whip cream Root Beer Blondie Espresso with steamed white chocolate milk, root beer syrup and whip cream


Brewed Coffee Moxie Java Blend, Regular, Flavored or Decaf  Caffe Au Lait


Chai Tea A warm spiced chai with steamed milk Hot Cocoa Steamer Steamed milk with an Italian flavor shot